2017-2018 ESCO Summit Opens

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            On January 25, the "2017-2018 ESCO Summit" on the theme of "Energy conservation serving new era, Lucid waters and lush mountains creating Chinese Dream" hosted by ESCO Committee of China Energy Conservation Association (EMCA) was held in Beijing. It is reported that ESCO Summit is the annually most authoritative brand event of energy-saving service industry, which has the "Davos" reputation in this industry.


            Summit site

            Nearly 800 delegates from all levels of government energy-saving departments, various types of energy-saving service companies across the country, and various types of enterprises and public institutions, research institutes, international agencies, industry associations, energy consumption companies, third-party service organizations and news media that are actively committed to the cause of energy-saving and emission-reduction, attended the summit.


            Zhao Ming, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of EMCA

            The Summit was presided over by Zhao Ming, vice chairman and secretary general of EMCA.



            Wu Daohong, Chairman of EMCA

            At the beginning of the meeting, Wu Daohong first delivered a welcome speech, “first of all, we sincerely welcome the arrival of all guests. The convening of this meeting is not only important for the energy-saving service industry to become bigger, stronger and healthier, but also important for promoting the construction of ecological civilization.” He also said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward to construct ecological civilization which is a millennium plan. As an important part of the energy saving and environmental protection industry, the energy saving service industry achieved excellent results in 2017. According to EMCA statistics, as of the end of 2017, more than 6,000 enterprises were engaged in energy-saving services across the country, employing nearly 700,000 people. The total output value of energy-saving service industry exceeded RMB 410 billion (USD 63.1 billion) and the investment on EMC reached over RMB 110 billion (USD 16.9 billion) with a corresponding annual energy saving capacity of more than 38 million tons of standard coal and annual CO2 emission reduction of over 100 million tons. It can be said that the development of energy-saving service industry has played an active role in promoting China's energy-saving renovation, reducing energy consumption, increasing social employment and promoting social and economic development.”


            Leaders on the platform

            Some leaders delivered speeches at the conference, and made an important speech in light of current policies, energy-saving service market of various fields and future development prospects, which include Ren Shuben, Director of Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection of NDRC, Jiang Zhaoli, Vice Director of Department of Climate Change of NDRC, Wang Yan, Vice Director of Department of Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of MIIT, Ni Hongbo, Vice Director of Department of Building Energy Conservation and Technology of MOHURD, Hong Bo, Vice Director of Department of Energy Saving Management of Public Institutions of National Government Offices Administration, etc. 


            Ren Shuben, Director of Department of Resource Conservation and Environmental Protection of NDRC

            In his speech, Ren Shuben elaborated in detail from the following five aspects: "learning new ideas, recognizing new goals, grasping new policies, realizing new achievements, and starting a new stage." He said that in accordance with the deployment of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, the state will push forward a series of institutional reforms in the field of energy conservation, and the energy-saving service enterprises should promptly grasp the new policy of green development and ecological civilization, seek new development opportunities in policies, and constantly open up a new situation. The energy-saving industry has achieved substantial increase over the years, playing an important role in promoting the green transformation and development. However, small-scale enterprises and high financing costs are still the major problems in industrial development. In order to solve new contradictions, achieve new goals, foster new impetus and undertake new missions, the energy-saving service industry must make new achievements. He also put forward opinions and suggestions on how to follow the existing situation to make it bigger and stronger and continuous innovation. In addition, Ren Shuben affirmed EMCA's current work and provided expectations and suggestions for future work. He hoped EMCA to continue to perform innovation, and build the association into a platform for publicizing energy-saving policies, a technology promotion platform for energy-saving products, a platform for promoting enterprise development, an international exchange and cooperation platform, and a platform for publicizing ecological civilization. Finally, he stressed that the energy saving industry is embracing a new-round of development opportunities, and hoped all of us to grasp the trend and opportunities to promote the continuous growth and prosperity of the energy saving and environmental protection industry, and play an active role in promoting green development, and speeding up the formation of new modernization construction pattern with harmonious development between man and nature, and realizing the goal of beautiful China.


            Subsequently, at the election ceremony of EMCA, the leading member of the third committee of EMCA was unveiled. Dr. Wu Daohong, Chairman of Shenwu Group, was re-elected as Chairman of EMCA, Sun Xiaoliang was elected as executive vice chairman and secretary general, Zhao Ming and Zhu Lin were elected as vice chairman. Dr. Wu Daohong said he will fulfill his mission, act fairly and make every effort to create a new situation for EMCA, and assume the responsibilities and obligations of the chairman. Furthermore, he will give full play to the functions of EMCA, build a bridge and link between member units, government departments, relevant agencies and energy-consumption units, build a platform and window for publicity, and serve all the member units.


            Sun Xiaoliang, new executive vice chairman and secretary general of EMCA 

            The present and future development and trend of energy-saving service industry are the attention focus of the industry and the community. What new achievements have been made in industrial development in 2017, and what are the problems? What new development opportunities will see by future industry development? In this regard, Sun Xiaoliang made the "2017 Energy-Saving Service Industry Development Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). According to reports, the year of 2017 is an important year for implementing the "13th Five-Year Plan". With the joint efforts of the whole society including government, enterprises and trade associations, the energy-saving service industry continued to grow and develop and continued to show the most market-oriented, the most growth-oriented, energetic and distinctive characteristics and made new breakthroughs in many aspects, which features the following aspects: the industrial scale continued to grow rapidly and the scale effect initially appeared; the energy saving and emission reduction achieved remarkable results with a steady increase in investment in the project; the business model continued to be enriched with a variety of development trends; the industry financing environment continued to improve and the industry and finance cooperation formed a win-win situation; the capacity-building projects advanced in a multi-approach and industrial self-regulation construction is continuously strengthened; the overall capability of energy-saving services has been significantly improved, and new forms of business have emerged; international exchanges and cooperation have been rolled out in an all-round way to boost the "bringing in" and "going global" for the industry.


            The report also conducted an in-depth analysis on the problems currently faced by the industry from many aspects such as awareness, ability, environment and financing, and pointed out the solution direction In addition, the implementation of various works such as the convening of the 19th National Congress of CPC, the goal establishment of building "Beautiful China", the promotion of the "Belt and Road" strategy, the implementation of projects related to "South-South cooperation" and the launching of national carbon market, put forward higher requirements for the development of energy saving service industry, and also provided greater opportunities for the future development of the industry. In addition, the report also pointed out that energy-saving service companies will develop in the direction of "integrated, intelligent, international, group". We believe that the "Report" will become an important guideline for the energy-saving service industry to become bigger and stronger, control the future, move forward, and create greater glories.


            Contract signing by EMCA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking (China) Corporation and Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing(China)Co., Ltd 

            This summit is an annual industry gathering and also a "golden time" for various ceremonies. First of all, the "Partner Signing Ceremony" was held, and a strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed by EMCA, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking (China) Corporation and Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing(China)Co., Ltd; then, the Photovoltaic Friendly Cooperation Agreement was signed between Sinowestar and Dongba People's Government of Gaochun district of Nanjing; finally, a cooperation agreement was signed between EMCA and China Sciences Group (Holding) Co., Ltd. Cooperation indicates a win-win situation. The successful signing of these agreements will promote the involved parties to perform comprehensive business cooperation and innovation, achieve complementary advantages, and make a positive contribution to the construction of innovative country and ecological civilization.


            2017 Brand enterprise of energy-saving service industry

            In the development of energy-saving service industry in 2017, a number of advanced individuals and enterprises have emerged. They are benchmark of the industry, and the backbone of industrial development; in 2017 energy-saving service industry certification awarding ceremony, seven prizes were awarded to enterprises and individuals for innovative enterprises, enterprises with the biggest potential for growth, excellent enterprises in green lightening service of municipal roads, excellent enterprises for cleaning heat supply service and excellent enterprises for comprehensive energy service, brand enterprises and excellent entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, EMCA also awarded the Bank of Beijing, SPD Bank and the Huaxia Bank as the "best cooperative bank for 2017 energy-saving service industry".


            How to evaluate businesses of energy-saving service? EMCA and the successful bidder-China Standard Conformity Assessment Co.,Ltd, in accordance with the "Requirements on contract energy management service assessment" issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the PRC, jointly carried out contract energy management service assessment. At this summit, energy service companies including Brand Energy, Shenzhen Coolead and Guangdong Rongwen Energy Technology Group Co.,Ltd, Shanxi Sanshine obtained the first batch of the certificate of contract energy management service assessment. It would play an important role in promoting energy-saving service companies to improve their professional service capabilities and service quality, standardize the implementation of contract energy management services, as well as self-discipline and standardization.


            Du Xiangwan, academician and former vice chairman of CAE

            In the session of experts’ view, Du Xiangwan, academician and former vice chairman of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), regarded "energy-saving and efficiency-improvement as the top priority of China's energy strategy", which was analyzed and introduced from several aspects. He said that the world energy development can be summed up as three trends, including acceleration of transformation, slowing down of growth and activeness of innovation. The transformation of the energy structure is mainly embodied in three historical stages of transformation of energy structure, namely coal, oil and gas, and non-fossil energy. The four revolution of China's energy can be summed up as energy-consumption, energy-production, energy-system and energy-technology revolution.


            How should China build energy system to achieve energy efficiency? Du Xiangwan explained from four aspects: 1. It is fundamental to change the way of development. To meet the new normal with new ideas and ways of thinking, it is essential to transfer from the concept of “the pursuit of speed, the bigger the better” to “the pursuit of quality and efficiency”, the new normal is to improve the energy structure of opportunity; 2. To rely on technological progress of energy efficiency. Carry out energy-saving technology in constructions and traffic areas, and vigorously develop intelligent energy Internet, the construction of efficient, safe, low-carbon, sharing and sustainable modern energy system, focusing on the development of low-carbon energy distribution network, to achieve requirements on energy, low-carbon and network of energy consumption; 3. To improve the management mode of energy efficiency. The reform of management system mechanism is the key to improve the efficiency of China's energy system. Vigorously develop the circular economy, set up the concept of “wastes are resources”, to strengthen policy guidance and management measures, the urban and rural solid waste reduction and strict classification, so as to achieve the result of low-carbon, wisdom and no-waste; 4. To improve the consumption of energy efficiency. We should vigorously restrain irrational demand, curb luxury consumption, optimize the social atmosphere and improve the quality of citizens, and promote healthy way of material enjoyment and rich spiritual pursuit. 


            He pointed out that energy saving and efficiency improvement is the direction of joint efforts of all countries in the world. China also needs to learn from other countries’ useful experience. Therefore, developing international exchanges and cooperation is of great significance. In addition, based on reality, promoting energy-saving and improving efficiency is an inevitable requirement for environmental-improvement and ecological-civilization construction in China. It is related to people's long-term well-being and fundamental interests, and encourages energy conservation service enterprises to go forward bravely and to make unremitting efforts for China's sustainable development.


            Dai Yande, researchers and former chairman of the Energy Institute of NDRC

            Dai Yande made concluding remarks at the end of the meeting. Firstly, he expressed congratulations for the success of the meeting, and summarized several key points. Then he made brief analysis on the problems existing in the current energy environment, as well as future trend for the direction of China’s energy industry. He noted that, “we should pursue Three High on the quality of the ecology, life and economic development, which should be backed by energy, and the promotion of energy efficiency is the only way for the future energy; thus, energy-saving service enterprises are likely to become the main part of economic development in the future.”


            "One generation has its own missions and responsibilities. We are the generation with great strength of this era, who have faith in the heart. The belief is to build a beautiful China. " He said sincerely with earnest wishes, and wished that the new leadership of EMCA would continue to lead the industry to make it bigger and stronger.


            Site of the summit

            During the summit, the sponsors also set up exhibition visiting and communication areas for cooperation. Representatives discussed with the representatives of exhibiting enterprises while attending the exhibition. The "2017 energy-saving service exchange dinner" after the meeting on Jan 25, 2018, which was carefully prepared by the member units from all over the country, presented a feast for the friends who are struggling to save energy.


            On Jan 26, the summit included 7 main forums and 1 symposium (on the development of energy-saving service industry). all the theme forums are brilliant with focuses on the hotspot of the industrial development and the technological market. During the whole process, EMCA fully played the role of platform, so as to create the opportunity for exchange and cooperation among energy-saving service enterprises all over the country. The 7 forums are as follows: “Exchanges on Energy-saving Service Industry Investment and Financing Innovation”, “Green lighting Service and Intelligent Management”, “News Conference on New Technology and Products on Energy-saving and Low-carbon”, “Second Session of Industrial Energy Saving”, “Forum on Comprehensive Energy Services and Energy Efficiency Promotion”, “Symposium of Carbon Market Development and Carbon Asset Management” and “Forum on Clean Heating Service and Energy-saving and Carbon-reduction”. The prosperous main forum of “2017-2018 Annual Summit on Energy-saving Service Industry” has come to an end in the warm applause. It not only comprehensively reviewed the past, shared and exchanged experiences, and discussed opportunities in the future, but also effectively promoted resource docking in a professional way, and created a new mode of cooperation and mutual benefit.


            As the main force of China's energy-saving and environmental-protection field, energy-saving service industry has received wide recognition by the market and all walks of life, and it will also release greater potential in the future, so as to make greater contributions to realizing "China’s dream of beautiful scenery".