Cambodian PM assistant Heng Sour visits Shenwu Group

            Release time:2018-01-28 view number: 4208


            On January 25, 2018, Xie Jiang, chairman of Shenwu (Guangdong) Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. affiliated with Shenwu Group, along with other senior executivesof the group, gave a warm reception to Heng Sour, assistant to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, member of theCambodian Supreme National Economic Council, member of theCentral Committee of the Cambodian People’s Party, and vice chairman of the Secretariat of the Cambodian Labor Advisory Committee (SCLAC), at the headquarters of Shenwu Group. Heng’s entourage included Touch Ponnareay, his assistant at SCLAC; Zhong Huibo, his consultant on China issues; and Lv Zhiren, vice chairman of the Cambodian Human Resource Development Association of Hong Kong. The two sides had a deep discussion on promotingoxygen-free pyrolysistreatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) and biomass straws in Cambodia. 


            Heng and his entourage first visited ShenwuEnergy Saving & Atmospheric Haze Treatment Technology Laboratory, where they were given a general introduction to the operationalprinciple, technological economy, environmental benefits, and global industrialapplication of Shenwu Group’s several revolutionary innovative technologies and facilities, such as the new process of turning organic solid waste (e.g. household waste and biomass) into synthetic oil, synthetic natural gas, syngas, and solid carbon as well as the newacetylene-based coalchemicals process. 



            During the meeting, Xie reiterated his welcome to Heng, saying that Shenwu Group has been dedicated to the R&D and promotion of technologies for industrial energy conservation and emissions reductionas well as comprehensive utilization of resources for more than 20 years. It owns several revolutionary technologies and corresponding complete process systems in various fields such as coal chemicals and petrochemicals, thermal power generation, steel, non-ferrous metals, urban mineral resources and green agriculture, and the renewable energy source—biomass. These technologies have entered the stage of industrial promotion, with several demonstration projects already under operation or construction.Moreover, the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) listed three of Shenwu’s innovative production facilities, namely the rotary hearth furnace (RHF) for copper and nickel slag treatment, heat-carrier-free regenerative rotary bed for household waste pyrolysis, and PE poly-generationfacility based on newacetylene-based coalchemicals process, in its recently published Catalogue for Guiding the Promotion and Application of the First Piece (Set) of Major Technical Equipment(2017), showing the Chinese government’s recognition of and support for its three cutting-edge innovative technologies. Shenwu Group has also actively followed the “One Belt, One Road”initiative and expanded into international markets. It is hoped that Heng’s visit could serve as a good opportunity to deepen China-Cambodiatechnicalcooperation on energy conservation, emissions reduction, comprehensive recycling of resources, and global climate change, and to promote cooperation projects between Shenwu Group and Cambodian governments at all levels and large local enterprises, so as to achieve win-win outcomes as soon as possible. 


            Heng stated that Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen once said China was the driving force behind global economic recovery and development, and a major player in ensuring regional and globalpolitical stability. China is also actively promoting globalization,economic openness and facilitation, and global inclusive development. China and Cambodiahave a long-standing friendship, with agriculture, infrastructure construction, and human resources development askey areas of mutual cooperation. Cambodia is a traditionalagricultural country rich in resources such as biomass straws and household waste, and Shenwu’s new process of turning organic solid waste (e.g. household waste and biomass) into synthetic oil, synthetic natural gas, syngas, and solid carbon has unique technological advantages in this regard. The two sides have great potential for cooperation. The cooperativeproject based on Shenwu’s technology of comprehensive utilization of resources can not only promote local employment and economic development, but also partly alleviate Cambodia’s shortages of high-end energy products, high-end resources, and high-end chemicals, which fully matches the expectations of the Cambodian people. It is hoped that the two sides can accelerate and deepen cooperation on the basis of preliminary exchanges, and launch projects with Shenwu technologies in Cambodia as quickly as possible, in order to foster Cambodia’s economic development and strengthen the friendshipbetween the peoples of the two countries.